Bill Doty

Bill spent his childhood showing off to be heard. He did this by writing, drawing, and performing every chance he could get. He then figured out how to turn his new hobbies into a job. Bill has been writing and producing film since he first snuck his way onto the CBS lot. Has been designing and building websites since the days of free AOL discs littering your mail and began mastering social media long before most people knew what a selfie was.

Danni Dean

Danni is a native New Yorker who majored in English at Dartmouth College and worked for almost 10 years in the advertising industry at Leo Burnett Chicago before relocating to the Wood River Valley in 2003. Now a freelance word guru and communications specialist, she has a reputation as a thoughtful copyeditor and meticulous proofreader who adds polish, focus, and clarity to every project.

David Stilwill

As a dedicated photographer, David built his first websites to showcase his images and writings. Along the way, he discovered WordPress and discovered he had a knack for helping people organize and present themselves on the web in a clear and functional fashion. Since then he has built sites for a spectrum of clients ranging from individuals to large companies.

Drew Furlong

Drew’s career as a professional graphic artist spans nearly 25 years in the Wood River Valley. Under his art direction, his designs have won top national awards for clients including Sun Valley Magazine, Rocky Mountain Hardware, and Cristina’s of Sun Valley. He is currently the art director of “Taste” magazine.

Tom Waters


Tom is a filmmaker who specializes in bringing brands to life through video. During his years in the industry, he has worked with businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Lynnette Blas

Whether it’s a newsletter, creative story, press releases, or copywriting, Lynnette enjoys finding the tone and message her clients are looking for. A native Idahoan, she has enjoyed working for some very large companies, small start-ups, and everything in between.

Makayla Chappell


I’ve found that viewing life’s moments through a camera lens and capturing the wild, candid and even mundane moments, are not only worthwhile but beautiful. No matter where my shoots take me, or just exploring on my own, I try to bring back images that make you feel something.

Sarah Shepard

Sarah started developing websites in the early 2000s. Focusing on helping clients with all aspects of web development & digital marketing. Including social media marketing, SEO, Google AdWords campaigns, geo-targeting, video production, application development, and content editing.

Sean Golliher

Sean helps to position clients for success through paid search for quick findability and keyword testing. Sean periodically teaches as an adjunct professor on the topic of search engines and search marketing at Montana State University and was a member of their computer science advisory board. He completed Ph.D. coursework in machine learning and artificial intelligence at MSU.

Sofi Kvantaliani

The first time I opened up Illustrator, I was bewildered by the endless possibilities. I felt the same curiosity I have for life, a sense of adventure, and an unconfined desire to explore. As Christopher McCandless once said, “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure, and the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences.”